Chinese Authorites Crack Down on False Meats

May 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Carter in Defective Food | Personal Injury

A Chinese crime ring that was found to be selling meat harvested from rats and other wild creatures as mutton has been broken up by Chinese authorities. According to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, this 60-member group pushes the number of arrests made in the country for selling questionable meat products so far this year to nearly 1,000.

eating ratsThe group was selling meat acquired from foxes, minks, and rats in Shanghai and Jiangsu as mutton. This disgusting revelation comes at a time when China is already distrustful of its food supply. There’s currently a fear of poultry as a result of the H7N9 bird flu that has killed at least 27 people so far. Earlier this year, more than 16,000 rotting pig carcasses were found in the Huangpu river, a major source of tapwater for nearby provinces.

To combat these kinds of public heath scares, the Chinese government has been making efforts to improve and police food safety. Their recent efforts have captured more than 20,000 tons of mislabeled meat.

The United States has a wide variety of food safety and false advertising laws. Farmers and manufacturers who sell false or dangerous food can be held accountable for lying to the consumer or any illnesses caused by their defective food products.

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