Automobile Defects

April 16th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Carter in Personal Injury

While distracted driving and alcohol are the leading causes of automobile accidents, sometimes accidents and injuries can come from faults in vehicles themselves. Automobile manufacturers have a distinct responsibility to ensure their products are safe and must follow all manner of federal regulation. When they fail to uphold these responsibilities, it can have serious consequences for their customers.

Airbags are among the most commonly defective automobile components. Recently, many automakers have had to recall defective airbags that were at risk of shooting plastic shrapnel at passengers rather than deploying properly. Luckily, no one has been hurt by this defect yet, but its’ a horrifying prospect.

Another common automobile defect is brakes that don’t work properly. Conversely, sometimes accelerator pedals are faulty and stick in the down position, causing the vehicle to accelerate out of control. Defective brakes and accelerators are incredibly dangerous and can lead to deadly automobile accidents.

Because of the various regulations and laws in place to protect consumers from defective or poorly-designed automobiles, manufacturers who sell vehicles with serious safety concerns can be held accountable for injuries that were a direct result of their design flaws.

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