Starting a business is one of the most common and widespread dreams. Who hasn’t had a “this would make a million dollars” moment about some dreamed up a product that comes with a brief accompanied vision of being a thriving inventor and business owner?

For many, the dream is more substantial but still romantic: a wine bar on the California coast, a sailboat touring company in the Florida Keys, a cafe down a little street in New York City. Such dreams have more to them than the “million dollar” dreams, but they still have a whiff of the unrealistic. There are, of course, wine bars in California, and sailboats in Florida, and cafes in New York, many and many more of them, and run by experienced people already living in the area with already established customer bases. Such dreams could come about, but they still aren’t quite to the point they seem likely.

The final category, though, still includes perhaps most of the entrepreneurial dreams out there. For them, they hold a dream in their heart that’s realistic, absolutely possible, and potentially very successful, they just don’t have the know-how to achieve it.

For such dreamers, these dreams aren’t just idealized concepts that are pleasant to consider every now and then. These dreams have the hardened edges of the real. Potential restauranteurs have recipes already picked out and a location in mind where their business could most thrive. Potential cafe owners know their coffee and have checked out the best cappuccino machines. Potential real estate company owners have done more than watch HGTV, they’ve scoped out the local market, they know what people are buying up, and they have researched and seriously considered how to go about getting licensed.

It’s this final group who should be getting extra help in order to take that final step and actually start their businesses. While the first two groups perhaps consider themselves potential entrepreneurs, their dreams are not well-formed enough, but this final group holds a great deal of potential for local communities and beyond if they could only get the assistance needed to make that final push from dream into reality.

For many of these people, the problem is not the dream, which could potentially be very successful (even wildly so), it’s the practicalities. Starting a business isn’t easy. It’s expensive and it can be complicated. There’s a legal side to business that most people don’t know much about at all. There are taxes and copyrights and forming a limited liability company. These issues are the reason so many don’t actually start their dream businesses.

And it is at this point that we should push for some sort of government based organization to help them. There should be a government initiative to put offices in every major town that can advise those who want to go from dreamer to entrepreneur. If free advice were available, many would surely take that final step, and the added revenue of their successful business ventures would more than pay for the help.

Side Effects of Actos

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Actos or pioglitazone is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and is a bestselling diabetic drug and approved for use in 1999. The drug earned the company in excess of $2 Billion in 2008 in the US alone. It is considered a more heart-friendly alternative to Avandia (rosiglitazone) manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline which has been plagued with civil lawsuits following an announcement that the drug increased the risk of cardiac problems by as much as 40%.  However, Actos is still labeled as contraindicated for patients with a history of congestive heart failure, because it causes the body to retain fluid. Furthermore, there are also side effects of Actos that are raising concerns with health professionals, specifically with a disturbing increase in the development of bladder tumors.

A study in 2011 by the French National Health Insurance indicated that type II diabetes mellitus patients who had been taking Actos for a prolonged period were more likely to develop bladder cancer than with other similar medications. As a result, the drug was pulled out of circulation in France, followed closely by Germany. According to the National Injury Law Center website, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning that use of Actos and any medication containing pioglitazone for more than a year was linked to a heightened risk of bladder cancer, and directed the manufacturers to label their products accordingly.

Despite indications in several studies, Takeda continues to deny the causality of Actos for bladder cancer. Nevertheless, civil lawsuits alleging that Takeda was fully aware of the risks the drug posed to patients but failed to warn prescribing physicians and their patients accordingly has numbered in excess of 1,300, which have now been consolidated into multidistrict litigation in Western District of Louisiana, which started pre-trial hearings in July 25, 2013.

If you or a family member has been taking Actos for more than a year and developed bladder cancer, you may have an actionable case against Takeda. Get in touch with a products liability lawyer conversant with Actos litigation to get an accurate assessment of your case.

BP has declared cleanup to be finished in most shoreline areas affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. However, that does not mean the oil is gone and the damage is done. The full effect of the spill on ocean life and the environment will likely continue to play out for many years.

Much of the spilled oil sank to the bottom of the ocean, killing corals and their inhabitants. The National Wildlife Federation reports finding affected corals as far as seven miles from the Macondo well. Coral reefs can take thousands of years to grow, if the area is ever viable for life again.

The NWF states “more than 8,000 birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals were found injured or dead in the six months after the spill”, with the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, the world’s most endangered sea turtle, accounting for 500 of these casualties. Although efforts were made to relocate sea turtle nests to the Atlantic coast of Florida, it is unknown how many of these were Kemp’s ridleys, or how the loss will impact the species in the long run.

The oil spill occurred at the height of breeding season for many species of marine animals, killing the broods of some species completely and wiping out the majorities of others. The impact of this crippled generation of animals on the food chain in later years could disrupt the entire ecosystem from lack of food to sustain larger predators.

A Chinese crime ring that was found to be selling meat harvested from rats and other wild creatures as mutton has been broken up by Chinese authorities. According to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, this 60-member group pushes the number of arrests made in the country for selling questionable meat products so far this year to nearly 1,000.

eating ratsThe group was selling meat acquired from foxes, minks, and rats in Shanghai and Jiangsu as mutton. This disgusting revelation comes at a time when China is already distrustful of its food supply. There’s currently a fear of poultry as a result of the H7N9 bird flu that has killed at least 27 people so far. Earlier this year, more than 16,000 rotting pig carcasses were found in the Huangpu river, a major source of tapwater for nearby provinces.

To combat these kinds of public heath scares, the Chinese government has been making efforts to improve and police food safety. Their recent efforts have captured more than 20,000 tons of mislabeled meat.

The United States has a wide variety of food safety and false advertising laws. Farmers and manufacturers who sell false or dangerous food can be held accountable for lying to the consumer or any illnesses caused by their defective food products.

Automobile Defects

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While distracted driving and alcohol are the leading causes of automobile accidents, sometimes accidents and injuries can come from faults in vehicles themselves. Automobile manufacturers have a distinct responsibility to ensure their products are safe and must follow all manner of federal regulation. When they fail to uphold these responsibilities, it can have serious consequences for their customers.

Airbags are among the most commonly defective automobile components. Recently, many automakers have had to recall defective airbags that were at risk of shooting plastic shrapnel at passengers rather than deploying properly. Luckily, no one has been hurt by this defect yet, but its’ a horrifying prospect.

Another common automobile defect is brakes that don’t work properly. Conversely, sometimes accelerator pedals are faulty and stick in the down position, causing the vehicle to accelerate out of control. Defective brakes and accelerators are incredibly dangerous and can lead to deadly automobile accidents.

Because of the various regulations and laws in place to protect consumers from defective or poorly-designed automobiles, manufacturers who sell vehicles with serious safety concerns can be held accountable for injuries that were a direct result of their design flaws.

concerned doctor made mistakeBecause doctors are so well trained and medical costs are so high, we expect the treatment we receive from them to perfect. This expectation may be unrealistic and sometimes doctors do make harmless mistakes while helping patients. However, the keyword there is “harmless.” Sadly, many medical mistakes can be incredibly harmful and cause patients great distress. When this happens, it is often the result of some degree of negligence at the hands of a doctor or some member of the medical staff.

Medicine is a complex field and there are many ways a medical professional may make a mistake. One of the most common kinds of mistakes is a mistake during surgery. Surgical errors can be something as irresponsible as performing an operation on the wrong patient, or as forgetful as leaving surgical materials inside the patient’s body.

Another common medical error is when medical professionals make mistakes with a patient’s prescription medicine, such as a pharmacist dispensing incorrect pills or a doctor prescribing the wrong medication. Also, sometimes doctors make the wrong diagnosis and don’t realize their error until it is too late.

When a physician makes an egregious error that is the clear result of negligence, he or she can be held accountable for the patient’s undue pain and suffering in what is called a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Construction is one of the most important areas of the economy, both for New Jersey and nationally. As of November 2012, the latest month for which statistics are currently available, more than 78,000 individuals were employed in New Jersey’s construction industry. Unfortunately, all of these workers, as well as those who are directly affected by the presence of construction sites, are subject to serious potential threats to their health and safety as a result of their working conditions.

NJ Construction SiteConstruction accidents are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries in the United States, and both workers and all those nearby are placed at risk by conditions on construction sites. In some cases, construction accidents are just that, an accident, and little to nothing could have been done to avoid their occurrence. However, just as frequently, construction accidents occur as the result of negligence or recklessness on the part of those responsible for ensuring the safety of construction sites.

Construction accidents often leave companies liable for the damages that their employees and others may suffer as a result. As a result, construction accident attorneys have found considerable success in pursuing legal action against construction firms which are involved in serious accidents resulting in injury. Some of the most common causes of construction accident lawsuits in the United States include:

  • Ÿ  Equipment Malfunction
  • Ÿ  Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Ÿ  Lack of Safety Gear/Protocol
  • Ÿ  Toxic Substance Exposure
  • Ÿ  Electrocution
  • Ÿ  Elevated Falls

These and other common causes of construction accidents can have profoundly negative effects on the lives of those who are affected, and need to be addressed with the seriousness they deserve.

Slip and Fall Causes

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Levinson Axelrod, P.A.Every property owner has to ensure that his or her properly is safe for others to be on. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to take the precautions that are necessary to ensure this safety. One of the most common accidents that happen on unsafe properties is a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents
can be caused by a number of different things on a property, but are often generally caused through property owner negligence.

When a property owner does not manage his or her property safely, he or she increases the risk of someone visiting the property slipping and falling and, thus, potentially sustaining a serious physical injury. With the right preparation, many slip and fall accidents could be avoided, but lots of property owners don’t make these preparations.

Common Causes

There are many different individual circumstances and situations that could lead to a person’s slip and fall accident on another person’s property. While some maybe caused by pure accident, others are the result of the owner’s negligence. According to the website of The Williams Kherkher Law Firm, some examples of slip and fall conditions might include things like:

  • Failure to fix uneven pavement / potholes
  • Failure to post warning signs
  • Failure to clean up spills / wet areas
  • Failure to stabilize walking areas
  • Failure to properly build stairwells, stages, or walkways

All of these different circumstances could lead to a person’s injury through a slip and fall accident. Most of them could be prevented through more diligent care in a property owner, but sometimes property owners fail to be diligent.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property, you might actually be eligible to receive financial compensation. You may not have to face the costs of your injuries alone. It’s usually a good idea to contact an experienced lawyer today to talk about your case.

Employment Law

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In order to promote equality and fair practices within businesses, many employment laws and regulations have been established. With both federal and state laws in place to protect employees, there are many resources for wronged employees. However, without having a full or well-informed understanding of these many laws and how they can vary, an employee may not take action against an employer who is treating them unfairly. Sometimes workers are not compensated fairly for extra hours worked, and in turn need to file an overtime claim. Fortunately, though, an employee can easily use legal resources or consult with a trained employment lawyer to understand their situation and the laws that apply to them.

Personal Injury

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Visit Our SiteEvery year, countless Americans are injured or suffer some sort of harm. Many of these are the results of sudden accidents, like a fertilizer plant explosion, or caused by their own actions. However, a number are due to the negligence and irresponsibility of another party. When this is the case, a person who owed someone a duty of care, but injures them by acting negligently may be financially liable for the person’s injuries, expenses, and losses that incurred as a result. People are able to seek compensation from injurious parties due to the protection they receive from personal injury law. However, this area of law can be somewhat confusing, making it necessary to seek valuable information regarding your situation from legal resources.

Workers Comp

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Every year, numerous Americans apply for and receive workers’ compensation for themselves or their families when they or a loved one has been injured or fallen ill due to work-related injuries / circumstances. With most states in the U.S. requiring a majority of employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, an employee who suffers an injury or illness on the job should be financially protected. As workers’ compensation lawyers provide a person with financial compensation to pay for lost wages, medical bills, retraining costs, and more, it can be integral to the financial security of an affected worker.

Becoming disabled can be a traumatic experience for a number of reasons. Beyond learning to live with a disability, a person may not be able to provide themselves or family with sufficient income to live day to day. In these cases, the American Social Security disability program potentially offers a refuge and opportunity to get the help they need. Through both the Social Security disability insurance and supplemental security income programs, qualified disabled Americans may get benefits of which they are in desperate need. In order to get these benefits, a person must meet certain qualifications and be approved by the Social Security Administration.